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theme [Dark / Light] Fluent Design Theme Edition

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[Dark / Light] Fluent Design Theme Edition

Fluent Design Theme Edition is a combination of Fluent Design styles Microsoft, iOS Design, Android Design and Google Design.

We have also introduced many interesting features that are unique in standard themes.


(The applications listed below mean specially adapted to the theme or adding support for notification icons)








(BIM) Chatbox FREE,

Trophies and Medals,

Post Notes,

(BIM) Hide Link And Code,



(SD) Company Directory,

(SD) Course Box,

(SD) Game Keys Store,

(SD) Image Host,

(SD) Live Streams,

(SD) My Places,

(SD) Newsletter,

(SD) Sales Portal Pro,

(BIM) Chatbox+,

(BIM) Quick Search,

Release Notes in Pages

Built-in modifications:

(aXen) Record Result Line,

(aXen) Group formatting in mention,

(aXen) Font Awesome 5 in IPS

The theme is available in light and dark version
Are you sitting tonight and it's too bright? It's not a problem with our motive! Just switch to a dark theme.
Or maybe you prefer a bright theme? Switch theme without reloading page!


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